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Kirsty Jackson

Date: 12.02.2011

It seemed to bring us together. When discussing the Journey afterwards we found similarities that made us realise we are not so different as we had perhaps thought.

The Sound Journey allowed our team to interact in an environment that was neither work related nor a physical bonding experience.

I would recommend this to any corporate or private group since each individual experience effects the growth of the whole.

Paul Goeser

Date: 05.02.2011

I just wanted to forward a thank you message for the Sound Journeys that you provided for my company and extended family.

I was surprised by the extent of the positive feedback from my staff. We work in a very analytical enviroment and people are generally non expressive. After the Journey they gave very positive feedback about the experience.

The Sound Journey for my family was also great. It provided something unique for them since they are visiting from the states.

I understand that each individual will experience something different but for all of them it was positive.

Again thank you for this and the full service of setup and even taking questions from the group afterwards.

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