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8 Tips for Keeping an Audience Engaged

conferenceWhen hosting an informative or conference type event, there’s really nothing worse than watching your audience slip into a comatose state while you’re speaking or presenting. Like any seasoned public speaker will tell you, the trick to keeping them in … Continue reading
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The Event Committee { Who’s who? }

event-comiteeWhen organising a big event, it’s never a bad idea to assemble a committee to help organise the event and make it a reality. The structure of an event committee might vary from event to event, depending on what the … Continue reading
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Questions to Ask: The Venue Manager

venue-hireHiring a venue isn’t as simple as looking, touring and booking, and if you’re not careful you can fall victim to a multitude of hidden costs and clauses. Make sure you ask the right questions to avoid any post-party run-ins … Continue reading
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Table Plan Dos and Don’ts

table dos and donDO: Assign a seat or table to each of your guests – while you might like the idea of guests choosing their own seats, the reality is that no guest wants to scramble for a spot. DON’T: Feel obligated to … Continue reading
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The Ins and Outs of Name Tags

event-name-tagsAs simple and trivial as they might seem, name tags are crucial to the success of your event – in fact, in many corporate circles, a messed up name tag can be considered a personal offence. So before you dive … Continue reading
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25 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Event

outdoor-evetsOutdoor events are spectacular, especially since the vast open space is so much less restricting than an existing venue structure. However with great potential comes great responsibility, so be sure to follow these tips to pull of your outdoor event … Continue reading
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How to Choose a Speech Topic { Basic Tips }

choosing a speech topicBeing asked to deliver a speech is a great honour, but also a great headache. Best take it one step at a time, starting off with the topic – here’s how to choose one: Consider the occasion Is it celebratory? … Continue reading
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What to Wear { Dress Code }

choosing-your-dresscodeCasual: This is pretty much your everyday laid-back dress-code. While sweat pants might be a bit of a stretch, feel free to pull out your favourite jeans and flats and prepare yourself for a comfortable and relaxed event. Even though … Continue reading
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7 Tips for Budget Lighting

budget lighting tipsLight the Perimeter When lighting a venue, the logical thing to do is focus on the middle of the room. However by lighting the perimeters of the venue, you give clear indication of where the venue “ends”, eliminating dark corners … Continue reading
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Cutting Catering Costs { 8 Budget Tips }

cutting-catering-costsNext to venue selection, catering is by far one of the biggest elements of event planning and tends to take a major chunk out of the budget. Follow these simple tips to cut costs without skimping: Short & Sweet The … Continue reading
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