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Event Focus is the leading authority on online event planning. We are focussed on the industry in a holistic sense, providing important tips and exposing brand new trends. Whether you are throwing a private dinner party for 10 or an international conference for thousands of delegates, Event Focus will provide the information and resources necessary to make it a success.

Event Focus offers a broad base of information based on expertise, training and the personal experiences of others (many of whom are industry specialists).

Event Focus is set apart by:

  • Our sheer variety.
  • Being a complete one-stop-shop for wedding planners, event coordinators, corporate event committees and private individuals alike.
  • Our passion for tackling new challenges with professionalism and enthusiasm.


Event Focus is centred on the needs and interests of anybody that is planning an exciting, unique event as well as those supplying them. We ensure that the information and tips on our site are practical and legitimate, and undertake significant amounts of research in order to guarantee this.


Our online clients range from the individual wanting to host a private do to large corporate teams that are in the process of planning a gala dinner or an international conference. We ensure that the services and products we showcase suit this broad market.

Company Details:

Event Focus is designed and managed by the team behind the top-ranking Celebration ( The creators continue to share a passion for events of all kinds, and keep up to date with the latest trends from all over the world. In this way, we are able to guarantee innovative, effective event coordinating solutions.

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