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How to Choose a Speech Topic { Basic Tips }

choosing a speech topicBeing asked to deliver a speech is a great honour, but also a great headache. Best take it one step at a time, starting off with the topic – here’s how to choose one: Consider the occasion Is it celebratory? … Continue reading
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What to Wear { Dress Code }

choosing-your-dresscodeCasual: This is pretty much your everyday laid-back dress-code. While sweat pants might be a bit of a stretch, feel free to pull out your favourite jeans and flats and prepare yourself for a comfortable and relaxed event. Even though … Continue reading
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Avoid Last-Minute Stress { Tips & Tricks }

stress free event planningPlanning an event is stressful, no arguments there. However with the right tools and tricks at your disposal, there’s always a way to relieve the bulk of the last-minute pressure: Don’t leave ANYTHING last-minute: Easier said than done, yes. However … Continue reading
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Choosing the Right Venue

choosing the right event venueYou don’t need Sherlock to tell you that the choice of venue can make or break an event. So often, we tend to get caught up in the magic and appeal of the venue instead of focussing on the practical … Continue reading
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10 Common Event Planning Mistakes

event planning adviceFlimsy Budget: Many event planners overshoot on their budget because they fail to take the little things into account, and often these little things don’t come at little prices. Make sure you think of EVERYTHING – from shipping charges and … Continue reading
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Food and Wine Festivals in Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga is known as Paradise Country for its exquisite landscapes, lush vegetation and gorgeous wildlife. As a result, it is one of South Africa’s favourite tourist destinations, welcoming visitors from all over the country and the world to enjoy its … Continue reading
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Music Events in Kwazulu Natal

Music has been used to treat stress, uplift the soul and communicate heartfelt feelings for centuries. Today, music festivals are still popular amongst young and old alike, drawing crowds to sit and appreciate it, or dance around and enjoy a … Continue reading
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Event Planning Trends for 2012

As with all things, event planning continues to go through various trends and fads as different technology is developed, styles change and needs evolve. It is important to keep up-to-date with this fluid industry so that your events, or those … Continue reading
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Green Events in the Western Cape

The Western Cape of South Africa is a beautiful place, both for tourists and for those that have made it their home. In addition, this country is joining the rest of the world in its increasing awareness of the urgent … Continue reading
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Sports Events in the Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape is one of the quieter, less frequented tourist hotspots of South Africa. However, it is a beautiful destination that boasts gorgeous weather, long stretches of pristine beaches and an endless variety of things to do and see. … Continue reading
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