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8 Tips for Keeping an Audience Engaged

conferenceWhen hosting an informative or conference type event, there’s really nothing worse than watching your audience slip into a comatose state while you’re speaking or presenting. Like any seasoned public speaker will tell you, the trick to keeping them in … Continue reading
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Cultural Events in Gauteng

South Africa is brimming with an array of different cultures and cultural elements. Gauteng is the smallest province, but is the home of the capital city and is the wealthiest of all the provinces. This area is a melting pot … Continue reading
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Event Planning Trends for 2012

As with all things, event planning continues to go through various trends and fads as different technology is developed, styles change and needs evolve. It is important to keep up-to-date with this fluid industry so that your events, or those … Continue reading
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Event Bidding

Many national and international events require that a specific destination or venue submit a formal bid document for the hosting of it. Only those places or organisations that have submitted a bid will be considered and all bids are evaluated … Continue reading
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Corporate Event Types

There are many different types of corporate events to suit each and every occasion or purpose within the workplace. When planning a corporate event, it is vital to know the nature of your function, so that you can plan accordingly. … Continue reading
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University Venues – The Pros and Cons

Universities and colleges are often used for events that are not necessarily associated with the educational institution itself. This makes them particularly useful resources as venues for a host of different functions; from product launches and seminars to exhibitions, conferences, … Continue reading
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How to Decide on Delegate Accommodation

Certain events – such as conferences, product launches and training seminars – may require that the coordinator of the function finds accommodation for the guests or delegates that are travelling from out of town to be there. But, this task … Continue reading
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Business Tourism

Business tourism is tightly bound to events, since most business-related travel is conducted for the purposes of attending a meeting, conference, launch or celebration of some kind. Therefore, an event coordinator does well to understand the intricacies, needs and characteristics … Continue reading
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Programmes for Delegates’ Families

Men and women around the world have to attend conferences and seminars out of town on a regular basis. While this may be a necessary part of a job that they enjoy very much, it can also be very stressful … Continue reading
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Event Entertainment Options

Different events require different kinds and calibres of entertainment. Some functions are held for the purpose of celebration, while others may be to raise awareness or procure funds. The nature of the event, the profile of the attendees and the … Continue reading
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