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Tyrone Crossman

Date: 21.02.2011

Having worked with Jenny McLean, I find her very efficient and precise with her attention to detail. Also, she understands the concept of light and photography and therefore knows how to coordinate accordingly.


Her punctuality and time management is phenomenal, which makes my job as photographer very easy. She is also able to advise the brides very well on all aspects of a wedding, thus making it easy for the whole day to run smoothly.


I highly recommend Jenny's services for your wedding and compliment you, should you use her.

Nini Stephens

Date: 21.02.2011

I would like to highly recommend Jenny McLean as an excellent wedding coordinator. She worked with us on a wedding in the de Hoop Nature Reserve in January this year.  We worked together in the initial planning stages of the wedding and she came up with some very good ideas. She was well organized and had some excellent and innovative thoughts about the décor using very cost effective items which had great impact – which in this economic environment is important!  Her follow-up after meetings was great and she gave a lot of thought to every detail of the wedding.

Jenny created a lovely atmosphere at the wedding with her table décor, which she made herself.  She really was a very hands-on person – which I believe is essential if brides want to feel they are getting their own personal attention to detail.

I think Jenny will be outstanding and wish her all the best in a very special career path in the wedding industry.  It is such a privilege to be a part of a couple’s special day!


Date: 21.02.2011

Where on earth should I begin, or should I say where in the mountains? I had my mind set, the Drakensburg it shall be, the colours green and bronze. What I had no idea of was which venue, which shade of green and is brown, bronze?! You came in as a breath of fresh hair, with your creative energy and sparkle.


You created every detail of my fantasy, one day at a time. Your good ideas and expressive mind never ceased to amaze me. “Just breath” you told me, “everything will get done, perfectly, I have excel spreadsheets!” And oh my goodness, you did! How the tables were going to be set, the flower arrangements and the weekend planner, I was so grateful to work with someone so organised, when I am a bit of a busy body.


The morning arrived, with my first cup of coffee I saw you arranging the flowers, every detail looked after. Hair and make- up arrived and were put to work, with your guidance and management.  Now by this time I was nervous, very nervous, more like overwhelmed and so excited.  We sat outside together, had a glass of champagne and just chatted, as if nothing else mattered except that spectacular view in front of us. That is a moment I will never forget.


The service was traditional and the music magnificent. Everything from that first moment felt like a fairytale dream come true. Photo’s went down in a breeze and everyone enjoyed the pre-entertainment. The hall was spectacular in the late afternoon light, and each table exquisite.  You added the colours to my dreams. And I was in love all over again. 


Jen, your ideas were endless, budget adhered to, laughter contagious and overall commitment indefinable, thank you a million times over, thank you.

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