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Coordinating a Matric Dance

A Matric dance, also known as a prom or a Matric farewell, is one of the most exciting events for teens. It is at a time at which they are planning their futures, closing one major door and opening another. Therefore, it is important that this event, which is usually a formal dance, is organised, tasteful and memorable for all the right reasons.

Choosing a theme will help you, as the coordinator(s) to create a look and feel around a concrete, agreed-upon idea. This is also sure to get the class of the year excited about the event, planning their outfits and anticipating the fun. Some popular Matric dance theme ideas are:

  • Celebrity / red carpet
  • Greek gods
  • Famous couples in history
  • Love songs

Note that the theme will be brought across in the décor as well as the attire of the service staff and welcoming committee. It is not reasonable to expect that the Matric dance attendees will dress according to the theme, since they will likely be investing in their dream outfits.

Some venues do not host Matric dances for their own reasons. Ensure that your venue is aware of the nature of the event before you pay your deposit. The venue needs to be safe for youngsters and accessible for their parents, who may need to drop them off. There should be parking available for those bringing their own cars, as well as place to drop couples off, particularly in the case of them hiring limousines and other specialty vehicles that they will want the others to see. Some of the cars being parked may be very valuable, since this is a special occasion, so ensure that there is security.

The venue should have an open layout to ensure that the guests can be monitored and cared for at all times. There should be room for eating, dancing and socialising, as well as an area that is well lit in which photographs can be taken.

Appoint a team to patrol the venue and its surrounds regularly to ensure that no one is drinking, smoking or engaging in any other questionable or unacceptable behaviour during the dance. This is for the safety of your guests, not to spoil their fun, so be reasonable in your efforts.

Remember that a Matric dance will likely involve youngsters from a number of different races, religions and dietary preferences. Choose menu options that cater to the widest possible range of dietary requirements. If they cannot all be accommodated, include options for vegetarian, vegan, Kosher and Halaal diners in addition to your standard menu.

This is a special event. So, while the food does not have to be of a 5-star quality, it certainly should be delicious, well cooked, and served at the temperature at which it is best enjoyed.

A Matric dance is considered to be a formal event. Therefore, the entertainment that you choose can be fairly grand and dramatic. Bear in mind that your guests will, likely, want to dance the night away after their meal. Make allowances for this when it comes to choosing your musical options. Such options usually comprise a choice of a 1) band, 2) live singer, 3) DJ or 4) laptop loaded with music (for coordinators on a budget).

Additional entertainment options, which can keep the guests busy while waiting for others to arrive, include:

  • Dancers
  • A magician or hypnotist (ensure that this does not conflict with the religious ideals of any of the invitees)
  • A comedian
  • A motivational speaker (keep it brief)
  • Unique or themed fashion shows

Ensure that your Matric class remembers this special event by giving each one of them a gift or favour. Some popular favourites include:

  • Engraved name plaques (for their future office doors, perhaps) or photo frames
  • Sand-blasted champagne glasses
  • An album of the best moments of the year
  • An address book with everyone’s most recent contact details in it

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