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Indoor Team Building

Choosing your specific team building activity will be based on several different criteria. Particular exercises are aimed at improving interpersonal communications, while others are designed to get team members to trust one another, for example. So, it is of utmost importance that you first decide on your goals and objectives. Once these are clear, you are able to explore the activities possible.

There are a number of fun, exciting and productive team building activities that can be conducted indoors. Your venue may be limited to a boardroom or conference hall at your work place, or could be a hired hall, restaurant or even a home, for a more informal approach. The following ideas are just some that may inspire you to create the perfect indoor team building initiative:


Hire professional drummers and conduct a drumming class for a small to medium group of team mates or colleagues. The teachers will bring all equipment necessary. This teaches cooperation and how working together can create a melodic synergy. Make sure that there are no neighbours that can complain about the noise!

Cooking Classes

An increasingly popular choice, cooking classes are a fantastic way to engage even shy participants and get everyone to work together to create a delicious meal. Many professional cooking or baking classes separate the teams into groups of two and assign a different dish to each partnership. You can decide on a theme to make it more fun or specific. Popular themes include Vietnamese, Chocolate, Seafood, Vegetarian, German and so on.

Cocktail Classes

For a more relaxed, fun approach, hire a professional barman to teach your team some of the impressive drink-making moves and recipes behind the industry. As glasses crash and ice cubes fly, everyone will be encouraged to laugh and be adventurous in an ambience of peer support.

Music Trivia

Conduct a General Knowledge competition to test your team’s musical ear. Make the competition more interesting by:

  • Playing parts of a song or reading out a section of the lyrics and having them guess the song title.
  • Mentioning the song title and seeing how many know the artist.
  • Having them guess in which film a particular song was played.
  • Requiring that they identify the product being advertised in an ad for which this song played.

This exercise helps individuals to form bonds with their team mates and participate in group activities rather than trying to be too independent.

Hostage Drama

Set up a thrilling scenario in which a hostage (perhaps the boss) has been captured and a ransom demanded. The team has to work together to negotiate and fulfil the demands of the kidnapper in order to release the boss. This should involve some deciphering of clues, hunting for the next clue, adhering to instructions precisely and so on. This exercise is very effective in teaching your team to respect and listen to one another and to work together for the safety or support of an individual.

Get Charitable

Contact one or more charity organisations and then get your team involved. Depending on the nature and the needs of the charity, your team could work together to sew quilts, bake cookies, pack food, etc… By involving them in an exercise like this, they are encouraged by the benefit of their activity and are taught to work together for the good of others, which should quell any underlying politics and negative behaviour.

Make a Video

Give your employees or sports team a scenario and ask that they write the script and create a short film using only themselves as characters and a camera. This yields hilarious and embarrassing results, getting the group to work together and laugh at themselves.

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