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7 Tips for Budget Lighting

budget lighting tips

Light the Perimeter

When lighting a venue, the logical thing to do is focus on the middle of the room. However by lighting the perimeters of the venue, you give clear indication of where the venue “ends”, eliminating dark corners and giving it a cosy feel.

Candlelit Tables

Following on from the previous point, while not as important as perimeter lighting, illuminating the middle of the venue is still high priority. After all, you want your guests to be able to see one another and have a decent conversation. Candles are a simple and cost-effective way to not only light the tables, but also set a soft and comfortable atmosphere.

Ordinary Globes

Naked light bulbs are high on the fashion list at the moment which means you can save money yet still be on trend. If the light’s a bit too harsh for your taste, place coloured transparent plastic sheets over the globes, to create more muted lighting. Alternatively use paper cups or heat-resistant spray paint to turn the light bulbs into colourful orbs.


Whether you string them from the ceiling or from branch to branch outside, paper lanterns instantly add an otherworldly glow to the occasion. They’re available in all shapes and sizes from just about any stationery or party shop, or you can even make your own by placing tea light candles in brown paper bags.

Wall Projecting

Turn any blank wall into an instant focal point by projecting abstract or theme-appropriate images onto it. While decorating the wall, the projected image will also cast light over a large area of the venue, bringing the overall lighting cost down. Most venues include the use of a projector in your venue price, so it’s really just a matter of choosing your images and firing that baby up.


This is exactly as it says – lights that shine upwards to highlight draping, curtains and other vertical décor pieces. While this can be expensive, it’s one of the more basic forms of professional lighting that you can invest in, should the budget allow for it.

Pin Spot Lighting

If you have a bit of budget left over for a small amount of professional lighting, pin spot lighting is the way to go. Basically this technique involves a small and soft spotlight being cast on the centrepieces or focal décor installations, to ensure that it’s clearly visible – after all, if no one can see the décor, it’s just another big waste of budget!

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