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Questions to Ask: The Venue Manager

venue-hireHiring a venue isn’t as simple as looking, touring and booking, and if you’re not careful you can fall victim to a multitude of hidden costs and clauses. Make sure you ask the right questions to avoid any post-party run-ins … Continue reading
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Table Plan Dos and Don’ts

table dos and donDO: Assign a seat or table to each of your guests – while you might like the idea of guests choosing their own seats, the reality is that no guest wants to scramble for a spot. DON’T: Feel obligated to … Continue reading
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Basic Event Planning Checklist

event-checklistSTAGE 1 Ask yourself what type of event you’re organising, what size it will be and what atmosphere you want. Do a short write-up or mood board which can be distributed to vendors in order to get them on the … Continue reading
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